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The kickoff meeting of VIT was held in Parma, at Centro Santa Elisabetta, inside the Sciences and Technologies Campus of the University of Parma, on the 22nd of September 2021. It was a hybrid presential/online meeting with the following participants of the consortium:

At the meeting were present in person:

  • UniPr: Roberta Pinalli, Enrico Dalcanale and Alessandro Pedrini
  • UniTs: Tatiana da Ros and Paolo Tecilla
  • UNIVIE: Davide Bonifazi
  • NOVA: Jorge Parola, César Laia and Nuno Basilio
  • BOR: Martina Torelli and Valerio Paganuzzi

Connected remotely (via Microsoft Teams):

  • The PO: Cristina Nemes
  • UNIVIE: Laura Maggini and Antoine Stopin
  • Chalmers: Christian Muller and Ergang Wang
  • PLUX: Silvia Reis and Pedro Dunque
  • UMP: Mohd Hasbi Bin Ab Rahim and Rasidi RoslanCONICET: Cristina Hoppe, Gustavo Torchia
  • UdelaR: Mauricio Rodriguez
  • MIT: Timothy Manning Swager